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Roman, Islamic, Christian – the gastronomic past of Valencia is the meeting point of the culinary legacy of the great civilisations which have left their mark on our city. Sucede is the recovery of that inheritance through the technique and creativity of former Bulli chef Miguel Ángel Mayor, who earned a Michelin star in 2017.

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Sucede is a unique restaurant in its kind. Our menus recover the gastronomic history of Valencia through its civilizations (Roman, Arabic, Christian) with a playful approach which the technique prevails through and space and time merge… Would you like to know more?


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If the destiny of a chef  is decided by the experiences acquired between the ages of 20 and 30, as Miguel Ángel Mayor (Barcelona, ​​1984) likes to remember, then our head chef is among the most projected in the country.

Raised in Málaga and trained in the CETT in Barcelona, ​​his excessive vocation has taken him to restaurants such as ‘La Broche’ (2002), ‘Mugaritz’ (2003), ‘Le Procope’ (2004), ‘Quique Dacosta’ (2007), ‘elBulli’ (2009- 2011) and ‘Arola’ (2011-2013), although it was Ferran Adrià’s influence – Miguel was also R&D collaborator at elBulliFoundation until 2015- which, with more certainty and depth, has marked a gastronomic vision that is constantly growing and knows no borders.

Miguel’s cuisine is not a kitchen of recipes, but a universal symphony of pure creation. His vision to revive history in a fusion with haute cuisine in such an iconic place like Caro Hotel surprised and convinced us. For this reason, he joined Sucede Restaurant in March 2016 to start up and lead a singular and memorable culinary project in the city of Valencia.

A project that grows every day and has obtained its first Michelin star in 2017.



Head chef

Vicente Monfort


Hotel Europa

Pamplona / 2012


Marbella / 2013


Puerto de Santa María / 2014-2016


Ibiza / 2016


València / 2017

Vicente Monfort


Daniel Couto


Can Jubany*

Calldetenes / 2010

Arola Gastro**

Madrid / 2014

Árbore da Veira*

A Coruña / 2016


València / 2017


Daniel Couto



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